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8 tips to know to light up your interior


Is your interior too dark? Taking advantage of the zenithal light from roof windows, opting for light colors or playing with mirrors can bring light, as can peel and stick wallpaper. But these are not the only tips…

Roof windows make the light dance

The roof is an invisible part that is rarely used to its full potential when it can completely transform the atmosphere of a room or even a house. Thanks to the installation of roof windows, you benefit from the warm sunlight as well as the light breeze of spring. Natural light caresses the furniture, creating a unique atmosphere impossible to reproduce with electric light. The movement of clouds and surrounding nature through a roof window creates a dance of shadows and light that varies according to the time of day and brings our interior to life. Even more, roof windows continuously bring in fresh air for a healthier home.

Tips for getting a brighter space

Transform your home by adding roof windows  in key places: above the dining table, the central kitchen island, the living room sofa, the office, the children’s play area or even in the bathroom. Suddenly, she becomes cheerful, encourages good humor and instills dynamism in the whole family. In summer, several are opened to create a current of air that will cool the atmosphere. And all year round, they naturally renew the indoor air thanks to their ventilation flaps equipped with filters to stop dust and insects.

Choosing the right wall paint to illuminate your rooms

Paint the walls and the ceiling in light and warm tones (ochre, yellow, sand…) in the north or cold (pale green, pale blue…) in the south, or in a pretty shade of off-white, linen white or creamy white for prevent the space from feeling cold. Prefer a satin finish, which slightly reflects light while maintaining color depth, to a matte finish which absorbs light. Pay attention to the glossy finish which, with its mirror effect, brings out the irregularities of the walls. Avoid painting the ceiling in color to avoid the “box” effect and the feeling of restricted space. Natural light will thus make it possible to reveal and highlight the true color of the paint and, above all, its different shades.

Choosing the right floor covering for optimal light

As for the walls, opt for a light color. Glossy tiles reflect light but are less and less fashionable when it comes to flooring. But even with a matte finish, a light floor, whether tiled or parquet, accentuates the brightness in the room. Likewise for rugs and carpets, stay in light shades.

Carefully select materials

The place, the role of light is important to reveal the space. Light can transform your room. This also goes through your decoration choices. In the kitchen, consider a marble worktop and splashback that will reflect the light nicely. The zelliges, with their pretty reflections, are also a very good choice for a kitchen splashback or the walls of a bathroom. Beware of dark wooden furniture, which is too visually heavy. Repaint them white to give them a second life or invest in contemporary lacquered furniture. In a bedroom, as in the living room, avoid dark curtains and prefer models in warm colors or light curtains that pleasantly filter the sun’s rays. Certain materials such as linen, hemp or raw cotton immediately evoke summer and have a psychological effect on the feeling of the room, to which they immediately give the impression of beautiful summer light. Remember that all of your decoration will be better highlighted thanks to the natural light provided by your roof windows.

Long live the bright colors!

Do not shy away from bright colors but use them wisely: a niche repainted in sunny yellow, a few bright orange and acid yellow cushions placed on the sofa, a coral tablecloth on the dining table, an old piece of furniture reinterpreted in moss green in a hallway, multicolored trinkets arranged here and there… Nothing like it to give pep to an interior.

Multiply the mirrors

Use different mirrors in the same room to visually expand the space and reflect light. Place them strategically near a light source. A mirror near a skylight, for example, can really amplify natural light . Placed on the wall opposite the window, it will create an illusion of multiplied space.

Focus on transparency

Glass coffee table or dining table, glass doors, glass partition instead of a partition and other transparent elements are a good trick to circulate natural light in the house and give a real impression of space. The effect is immediate and truly stunning.

open the kitchen

Even if there are still followers of the separate kitchen, the open kitchen, with central island or large dining table is at the top of the trend. Open spaces are very effective in giving the illusion of space and light. But again, if you want to lighten the room, you should install a white or light kitchen rather than a black one.

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