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advice on new windows

Windows for new construction

120 ViewsIn order to guarantee perfect living quality for your new construction, it is important to ask the right questions beforehand and to clarify the important elements. It will save you time and hassle when building a house. With our advice on new windows and our recommendations for suitable windows [...]

static electricity

How to get rid of static electricity?

109 ViewsWho has never felt a small electric shock in contact with an object or between two people? Unexpected, often striking, these small electric shocks are nevertheless not dangerous. This article explains static electricity and teaches you how to avoid it . How does static electricity arise Our whole environment [...]

new windows

Install new windows to save energy

114 ViewsNowadays, we are more and more aware of the need to preserve the environment. Changing windows or installing additional windows is an opportunity to achieve a more energy efficient home. Explanations. What is energy efficiency? Energy efficiency  is the ratio between the amount of energy recovered and the energy [...]