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Install new windows to save energy


Nowadays, we are more and more aware of the need to preserve the environment. Changing windows or installing additional windows is an opportunity to achieve a more energy efficient home. Explanations.

What is energy efficiency?

Energy efficiency  is the ratio between the amount of energy recovered and the energy consumed. It aims to improve the way we consume: consume less, but consume better. A distinction is made between passive energy efficiency and active energy efficiency: the first concerns the insulation, ventilation, lighting and heating equipment of a building, the second is linked to home automation, the management of energy and BMS (Technical Building Management). The first issue of energy efficiency is obviously to save natural resources. It also aims to reduce our ecological footprint by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Ultimately, it aims to lower the energy bill.

How to contribute to energy efficiency at the individual level?

By choosing solutions adapted to the place of life 

You can only be energy efficient by adapting the solution(s) to the place where you live: particularly effective insulation against the heat in the south and against the cold in the north, choice of a heating system or efficient air conditioning, solar protection for a south or west orientation… Follow our advice to take full advantage of the sun’s rays in all seasons by installing openings such as roof windows that will allow you to enjoy beautiful overhead light every day.

By combining several solutions for a better result

A single lever is not enough to significantly improve the energy efficiency of your house or apartment. The best solution is to combine several elements: exterior protection  (shutters, blinds, etc.), quality glazing (solar control, for example) and home automation for autonomous and precise management of all weather parameters: heat, rain, wind, etc.

By installing shutters on the roof windows

The sun enters largely through the roof windows. It is therefore also necessary to be able to protect yourself against the heat. Roller shutters are the most effective protection against heat transmission. VELUX shutters can stop 95% of the outside heat and reduce the inside temperature by more than 5°C, whatever the type of glazing and the geographical area.

By choosing glazing adapted to the climate

The orientation and geographical location of a home are decisive in choosing the right glazing. The roof windows, with the light coming from above, provide ample light and heat the rooms, a significant benefit in cold regions. With openings facing south, you will have good intake in winter. The East and West openings are also interesting for morning and evening sun intake. Double glazing is the most common option. Triple glazing is particularly suitable for cold regions and northern exposures.

By installing interior blinds 

Some interior blinds can help protect against the cold. This is the case with VELUX blackout pleated blinds, whose double pleated fabric has an aluminum honeycomb structure which provides good insulation and avoids the feeling of a cold wall in winter. And to protect yourself from the hot summer weather, opt for VELUX roller shutters or heat-resistant exterior blinds.

By opting for a VELUX ACTIVE roof window

The VELUX ACTIVE roof window can help you manage your home’s energy balance and keep your home healthy. A plug-and-play smart sensor system monitors the temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration inside your home, and algorithmically manages window opening to improve air quality. indoor air, ventilation and sun protection: closing the shutter or blind before a room becomes too hot, adjusting the opening angle of a window, ventilating, etc.

Benefits on comfort and health

As with any opening, skylights increase access to natural light  in your home while allowing you to manage solar gain. In winter, you can reduce the need for artificial light, resulting in better visual comfort, a feeling of well-being and energy savings, all while preserving the environment. You also manage the ventilation without lowering the temperature of the room. In the hot season, it is easy for you to stop the sun’s rays simply by equipping your roof window with a roller shutter or a specific blind. You benefit from a cooler interior and you spend less money on air conditioning.

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