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decorate your garage

How to decorate your garage?


You take pride in your home and have furnished each room with love. But what about your garage? See how to give it style and make it more practical with our tips!

Often, the garage is used as a storage room to store a host of heterogeneous objects. Still, there are ways to organize this important piece of property so that it becomes practical and user-friendly.

Here are some ideas.

Add a floor

How to decorate your garage? That’s why using overhead space to avoid floor clutter is a great idea. If you are a handyman, install a mezzanine. This space will only be accessible with a ladder, but will hold tons of bins and items that you don’t use full time.

Have good lighting

Most garages are dimly lit. However, adding lighting makes them more practical and makes you want to spend more time there. It is not always necessary to hire an electrician: you can also place independent lamps here and there. And if your house is under construction, don’t forget to ask the contractor to install large windows in the garage for maximum visibility.

A floor covering that stands out

To add life or style to a home garage, there’s nothing better than a floor that gets noticed. Epoxy resin or flexible membrane are good choices: they come in several colors (red, blue, green, etc.) and are shock and water resistant. It is also possible to cover the floor of your garage with trendy tiles that fit together. Alternatively, you can add character to this room by simply painting the concrete floor a dapper color.

Optimize wall storage Garage tool storage

Nothing is less stylish than a room where everything drags on the floor. If in our homes we dare not hang disparate objects on the walls, the rules change when it comes to a garage. The important thing is to leave the floor uncluttered to allow good circulation. Thus, attaching shelves, hooks or wooden planks with holes to the walls is a good idea. All these devices allow efficient storage for everything: bicycles, tools, garden accessories, etc.

Relocate large objects

On the other hand, it is difficult to efficiently store large objects in a space as small as one. So, it is better to find another place to store the canoe, bike or snow blower. If you don’t have a shed, why not add an outdoor storage cabinet? There are some very pretty ones! Alternatively, you can create inconspicuous outdoor storage using fence sections, for example arranged in a square shape with one side missing. You will be able to hide the objects behind, while keeping a practical access.

And the decor in all this?

With the multitude of miscellaneous objects in this room, it can be difficult to create a harmonious decor. So what to do? This can be by painting the floor or the garage door. Otherwise, choosing monochromatic hues in storage and furniture can have a nice impact. You could also make the bottom drain more stylish, for example with a stainless steel sheet model.

Are you selling your property and would like to improve the appearance of your garage to attract potential buyers? Ask your broker for more advice!

Many American garages have abandoned their reputation as storage rooms and parking spaces to become ceremonial high places.

Manufacturers and retailers have responded to this trend by providing products to help consumers decorate with custom storage systems and flooring that mimics what is typically found in interiors.

Tackle the clutter . Get rid of all that bric-a-brac that you no longer use. If this seems overwhelming, organize a schedule to do it little by little, day by day.

Decide how this new space will be used and how cars can park there . Many garages are now multi-functional rooms that serve as art studios, workshops, and entertainment venues.

Examine the garage floor . A special coating can be used to cover stained and cracked concrete. A concrete cleaner can also be used to remove stains. Consider adding an outdoor rug to make it more comfortable.

Choose storage components that match the intended use of the space. If the garage has no interior walls, shelves and coat racks can be attached to the walls. Many storage systems can be customized to turn a multi-functional garage into a workshop or hobby room (ideal for storing your tools and materials like your rotary lasers or automatic lasers), studio or laundry room. Use prefabricated cabinets and counters to create a suitable space for entertaining.

Choose appropriate lighting to accomplish the tasks in your garage. If the garage becomes a retreat or entertainment room, table lamps can give the space a warm feel. However, an articulated arm lamp will be necessary for studios and workshops.

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