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Windows for new construction


In order to guarantee perfect living quality for your new construction, it is important to ask the right questions beforehand and to clarify the important elements. It will save you time and hassle when building a house.

With our advice on new windows and our recommendations for suitable windows for your new house or apartment – especially with regard to thermal insulation – is guaranteed to be on the safe side and your dream of your own home will never is no longer an obstacle.

Energy saving regulations define the total energy consumption of a house or apartment. Although there is no defined value for windows, a maximum U-value of 1.3 W/m²K has been imposed as a limit. It is therefore logical to refer to it.

Passive houses generally use solar radiation for energy production instead of conventional heating systems. The location of the windows is therefore essential. So it is better to install large windows on the sunny side, and save them on the north side. For passive house windows, a U-value of 0.80 W/m²K should not be exceeded. Zero-energy houses: Zero-energy houses have the best energy balance because they consume as much energy as they produce. The right window is therefore essential here.

Positive energy houses: this type of house not only has a zero energy balance, but also a surplus of energy. Thus, with normal use of the house, more energy is produced than consumed. The Passive House Insulation Ordinance also applies to the Positive Energy House. The main difference is that the positive energy house is complemented by additional technology, for example photovoltaic installations.

The ideal window for your type of home

The house is the expression of personality and therefore also a question of style. There are many possibilities to furnish your home: modern, classic or design. We have the right window for every style!

Daylight is particularly important for comfort and health. Unlike artificial light, it promotes well-being and quality of life. Before planning, consider how much light you need in each room.

Your Internorm distributor will be happy to help you choose the windows. But consider the following points before making an appointment:

Type of windows

PVC, PVC-aluminum, wood-aluminum or a mixture of materials. Because if you prefer PVC inside the bathroom due to humidity, but want wood in the living room, then that’s no problem. Internorm windows can be perfectly combined, as they have visually identical aluminum cladding on the outside.

Design possibilities

Colourful, monochrome, rounded, rectilinear, with small bars or transoms, double leaf, balcony door, sliding door, panoramic window, large glazing or simply a basic window, the possibilities are endless. You decide how your window should look.

Comfort & safety

Do you need parental controls such as lockable handles, fall guards or a window that cannot be tilted? A window that does not need to be opened during ventilation or has already integrated effective window security? Contact your Internorm distributor.

Sun protection and anti-insects

Roller shutters or venetian blinds – the decision is often difficult, the rule is simple: how much light do I need in the room. In any case, both can be combined with a mosquito net and are mounted directly on the window. If there is no space for sun protection, choose a window with an integrated blind, which is placed in the window between the glazing.

Thermal / sound insulation

Is the noise level in your environment high and annoying, or do you live in the countryside in a quiet place? Do you live in a shady spot or on a sunny southern slope? The energy saving potential of insulated windows can do a lot here.

Warranties, installation, maintenance

Windows are capital goods – that’s why long-term warranties and high-quality fitting are important. Compare offers and also request professional window maintenance.

The story of daniela & markus

For a long time we dreamed of our own home. Top quality at the best price was important to us in all areas. The window frame is very thin, and the glass surface looks even larger. We have a lot of light in the house and even rooms with small windows seem bright and friendly. The windows and patio doors were produced exactly according to our wishes – tailor-made and in the desired color.

The choice of windows

Daniela and Markus chose the KF 310 range, available in many variants and colors. The choice of the KF 310 window also contributed to good security and easy cleaning of the window.

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