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8 Inventive Ways to Incorporate Plywood in Office Design


What is plywood? What makes it special?

Plywood is a type of engineered wood made from thin layers of wood veneers. These are essentially layers that are glued together perpendicular to the adjacent one. This cross-grain construction characteristic of plywood gives plywood its strength, stability, and durability. These layers are then bonded under heat and pressure, resulting in a sturdy material that can be used in a variety of ways.

Along with its versatility, strength and durability, it is also cost-effective as it is less expensive than normal wood. Plywood is additionally considered to be environmentally friendly and fire-resistant.

Due to the numerous advantages that plywood offers, it has become a popular choice of material used in a variety of areas, from construction to architecture, from furniture making to interior design.

Eight Inventive Ways to Use Plywood in Office Design

Incorporating plywood for your office design will help add a touch of aesthetic appeal to the workspace. Additionally, it offers various advantages of being fire-resistant and cost-effective, which will benefit you in the long run.

1. Wall Panelling:

Using plywood sheets as wall panelling will create a modern and rustic look. Moreover, plywood’s natural grain and texture will add warmth to the office environment. plywood has a natural beauty which can be flaunted by leaving sections of it raw and unpainted.

2. Furniture:

Plywood furniture can create a contemporary look, adding an ‘oomph’ factor to the office environment. You can even design and create office furniture like desks, worktables, bookshelves, and cabinets using plywood. The use of plywood creates a cohesive look, all the while being cost-effective.

3. Room Dividers:

Using plywood to make screens or dividers can offer privacy. This will help create separate zones within the office space. These dividers can be used to offer privacy for meetings, create break room areas, or simply add to the aesthetic visuals of the office layout.

4. Ceiling:

It is well established that plywood adds to creating a warm and inviting environment. Installing plywood panels on the ceiling to add character to the office design. It will help create a cosy atmosphere, eventually keeping the team morale high.

5. Acoustic Panels:

Since plywood is made by glueing various plies of wood together, it has sound-absorbing properties. Incorporate plywood panels into your office design if you want to improve sound absorption and reduce noise levels. These panels can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. This will particularly be beneficial as a calm and peaceful environment adds to the productivity levels of an office.

6. Built-in Storage:

Offices usually need tons of storage space to store all of the paperwork. Creating storage spaces using plywood will help organise your office space and de-clutter it. You can customise plywood shelves, drawers, and compartments to suit your office needs.

7. Partitions:

Instead of creating fixed and unmovable partitions, you can use plywood to create movable partitions. Plywood has sound-absorbing properties, so rest assured about worrying about your noise levels. Movable plywood partitions can help create a sense of openness and collaboration in the office while fostering creativity.

8. Flooring:

Plywood can be used for flooring purposes too. Using plywood for office designs will help add a protective finish and give the office a contemporary and industrial vibe. Moreover, incorporating plywood floors with your office design will be cost-effective while adding to the visually appealing aspects.

Final overview

It is important to note that incorporating plywood into your office design will elevate moods and, thus, productivity. But, at the same time, ensure that the plywood used is of good quality. Century Ply offers properly finished plywood which can withstand the wear and tear of daily use. Consider incorporating Century Ply in your office design to implement the above inventive plywood ideas while maintaining functionality, aesthetics, and safety in the office space.

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